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Speaking Engagements

Since 1970 Hedy has made numerous presentations to a variety of groups, public & private schools, universities, community groups, locally, nationally & internationally.

Hedy Epstein is available for speaking engagements. She can speak on four topics:

Hedy's honorarium fee is available upon request.

If you are interested in having Hedy speak to your group or organization, please contact Hedy.

Note: My presentations cover serious topics, such as the Nazi period in Europe. Some people in Jewish media have complained that I should not critique Israeli government relations with the Palestinian people because that somehow compares and equates the two situations. Each situation is unique; each must be judged on its own merits and demerits.

Hedy has made over 2000 presentations to a variety of groups since 1970. Here's what some people have said about her:

"My colleagues and I were so impressed with your message of forgiveness ... and intolerance to present injustice. You made me reexamine our attitudes and values."
~ Nancy Harris, Teacher, Ferguson Middle School

"Listening to Hedy Epstein speak reminded me of how resilient the human spirit can be ... she not only had a powerful story to tell, but she was a powerful speaker."
~ Mindy Mechanic, Crime Victim Recovery Project, Psychology Department, University of Missouri-St. Louis

"Hedy Epstein's presentation to my undergraduate honors class in Biological Determinism made the Holocaust, the Nazi experiments and the Nuremberg trial more real to my students than any assigned reading could have ... For me and my students this was a most memorable, enlightening experience."
~ Zuleyma Tang-Martinez, Professor of Biology, University of MO-St. Louis