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Hedy's grandmother in Gurs

inmate_gurs.jpg: Hedy's grandmother in Camp Gurs

Hedy's grandmother in Camp de Gurs, France

Hedy found this photograph in the archives of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. in a file entitled "Camp de Gurs." The picture was entitled, "Old Woman in Camp de Gurs."

Hedy is pretty certain that it is her grandmother, Lina Wachenheimer. Compare Lina here to earlier photos of her on her 75th birthday and early in her confinement in Camp de Gurs.

Notice that Lina is using a branch to support herself as she walks through the camp. There was only one paved road in Camp de Gurs, and when it rained, the grounds became soaked and muddy. There were reports of people falling and suffocating in the mud.