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Hedy's family in Gurs

family_in_camp.jpg: Hedy's family in Camp Gurs

Hedy's family in Camp de Gurs, France

On October 22, 1940, all the Jews from Baden and Pfalz were deported to Camp de Gurs in Nazi-occupied France. Men and women were separated by barbed wire. In the beginning, men and women were allowed to spend one hour together once each month.

This photograph of Hedy's family is from one of these brief meetings. Although the photo includes Hedy's mother and father, aunts and uncles, and others, not all family members who were in Camp de Gurs are pictured. Notice Hedy's grandmother Lina in the front row on the far right. Compare Lina and the rest of the family to the picture taken on the occasion of her 75th birthday a few years earlier.

Hedy does not know the date, but she assumes that it was taken soon after their arrival, since they all still look relatively well. In photographs taken later in this camp, people look like skeletons.

Hedy also does not know who took the picture or how it got out of the camp.