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Prosecution tables

prosecution_tables.jpg: Nuremberg prosecution tables, with Hedy on the right wearing headphones

Prosecution tables at medical trials

At the very top of this photograph, behind the divider, sit members of the prosecution staff who were not actively involved in this particular trial but who were attending this trial to watch. Above them was a balcony reserved for the German general public to sit and watch the proceedings.

At the two tables in front of the divider sat the prosecution for the medical trial. Closest to the viewer, and sitting with his legs crossed, is Brigadeer General Telford Taylor, Chief of Counsel for War Crimes. Across from Taylor sits James McHaney, the attorney who headed the prosecution staff at the trial.

Standing and speaking at the podium on the left side of the picture is the only German-speaking attorney on the prosecution at the medical trial.

Hedy is sitting in front of the divider at the prosecution table on the viewer's right. She is wearing her headphones and a pearl necklace. The headphones people wore at the trial had a switch on them that would allow the listener to shift back and forth between English and German. Since she is conversant in both languages, Hedy always wanted to listen in whatever language was being spoken at that moment in order to hear the trial proceedings directly, without translation.