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Overview of the main courtroom

court_room.jpg: Nuremberg courtroom

Overview of main courtroom at the Palace of Justice, Nuremberg, Germany

This is an overview of the main courtroom in the Nuremberg Palace of Justice. In this courtroom the International Trial -- conducted by the Soviet Union, the United States, Great Britain, and France -- took place. After the International Trial ended, the USA conducted twelve more trials in the Palace of Justice. One of these was the trial of the doctors who performed medical experiments on concentration camp inmates.

On the far left is the dock for the defendants. In front of them are the German defense counsels, all members of the former Nazi Bar Association. In the top left corner are the translators. At the top right are the American judges. To the judges' right are the court photographers, and in front of the judges are the court reporters. In the lower right and center are the two prosecution tables. Standing at the podium is a prosecuting attorney. Directly in front of the standing prosecutor is the box in which witnesses sat, empty at the time this photograph was taken.