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Hedy and her family in August 1937

family_aug1937.jpg: Hedy's family in August 1937

August 1937 - Hedy and her family celebrating her grandmother Lina's 75th birthday

This photo was taken in August 1937 when Hedy's grandmother (her father's mother) had her 75th birthday. Lina Wachenheimer is sitting in the center of the picture.

Hedy is on Lina's left with a white bow on her dress. Hedy was 13 when this photo was taken.

In the background is the grape arbor that Hedy's father Hugo cultivated. Hedy remembers that the grapes tasted awful! When Hugo made wine from the grapes, Hedy's job was to stomp on the grapes until her feet turned purple from the juice, a job that she did with much enthusiasm. The wine was stored in Lina's basement. The wine tasted awful as well!